Methods of Storage

Harvest Losses

Storage Losses

Feeding Losses

Space Needs

Cost Considerations

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• Low moisture required, results in high in-field losses
• Harvesting, storing, and feeding is labor intensive
• Storage losses will be low if stored inside
• Total dry matter loss is approximately 25%

Square or Round Bales Advantages

• Losses incurred while dry crop in field are extensive due to shattering leaves
• Harvesting square bales is extremely labor intensive
• Storage loss on round bales left outside may exceed 50%
• Use of rack or manger for feeding results in a 7%-9% loss
• Feeding losses without rack may exceed 45%
• Bales may be difficult to use with a TMR mixer


While bales provide good roughage for the livestock, the cost involved in labor and total dry matter losses makes using bales for complete storage needs uneconomical.