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• Plastic bag encasing feed
• Crops stored between 50% and 70%
• Feed is packed while being filled
• Capacities may vary greatly
• Plastic disposal creates extra labor and environmental concern
• Skid steer or tractor removes feed
• Storage loss ranges from 6% to 15%
• Harvesting and feeding very labor intensive
• Harvesting losses are similar to other high moisture methods
• Equipment wear is high
• Works well with a portable TMR mixer
• Cost per bag varies widely by size and region
• Bag must remain intact, compromised bag can result in complete loss (rodents, hail, vandalism often a problem)
• Storage losses can be high if improperly filled


The silage bag is a good temporary solution to feed storage needs. If the farm is in a transition period this is a good option. However, the risk of complete failure, yearly cost of buying bags, and excessive labor costs hinder this method.