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Feeding Rates

Feeding rates in the bunker and bag are completely dependent upon operator's ability. In the tower silo new center discharge unloading systems are unloading at over 1000 lbs per minute. The bunker and bag require the operator to be exposed to weather daily. Whereas, the tower silo allows for complete indoor feeding. Also, multiple silo unloaders can be run at one time, increasing feeding time.

Feeding Losses

Feeding loss is the loss that occurs after storage loss and depends upon the type of system used to store the feed and the management of that system.

Covered conveyors used with tower silos may have the lowest feeding losses: most farmers will indicate no loss to a 1% loss.

Feeding losses in bunkers will depend upon the following:
• how much feed is removed per day
• how evenly the feed is removed

Studies have shown that if the feedout rate is less than 5" per day across the entire face of the feed, feed losses are 10% higher than silos fed out at a higher rate.

Silage bag face losses can vary. If the bag is not closed each time after removing feed, assume a minimum loss from the face equal to minimum loss from the face of the bunker, or 5%.